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The Expert Agile Club is a leading community for agile professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative people who are passionate about making a lasting positive impact. Our members learn from leading minds in the industry, attend curated gatherings both in-person or virtual, and establish lifelong bonds. We believe everyone has infinite potential, and our mission is to accelerate human unity and progress by bringing together a suite of tools and opportunities that will help you thrive.

*** Membership is Free ***

Admission into the club is by invitation and invitations are offered a few times every year to a select batch of agile experts and accomplished professionals that have an extensive track record or show growth potential. Existing members of the club also have the opportunity to invite 5 new professionals every year.

Alternatively, if you are interested in joining the club and haven’t been invited by an existing member you can submit a self-referred application that will be considered at the next round of admissions.

If the above resonates with your goals and vision please follow the below instructions.

Apply here:

  1. Fill in the new member application:
  2. Not sure if you qualify? Send your resume to
    1. We will review and provide feedback on a case by case basis.
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About us

The Expert Agile Club is a global community of agile professionals that have extensive expertise and experience in the application and implementation of agile practices. The goal of the club is to create unique opportunities for career exploration and development. We aim to design an environment in which the members can thrive and grow their knowledge and expertise. The Expert Agile Club coordinates many programs to assist its members to grow and develop, with an emphasis on networking events, consulting panels, interview workshops, and showcase webinars.

Join our community of global experts and work with us to reshape the face of Agile across the globe!