We are deeply committed to ensuring that our customers are successful in their journeys. Together with our customers, we have an unparalleled track record of successful deployments and have experience across a wide variety of project imperatives.

Our credentials ensure your success

Data Management experts: Our services professionals provide deep product functionality and technology skills.

Emphasis on knowledge transfer: We use a model to deliver the knowledge that you and your partners need to be self-sufficient and successful over the long term.

Accurate project planning: We explain the work and the schedule before we start, so you know what to expect. We continually update our estimating tools with actual project results, so our accuracy increases over time.

Value-based approach: Specific methodologies and tools are used at project inception, throughout the implementation, and beyond go-live to help you stay on track and maximize value.

Experience: We have rich experience across a wide variety of project imperatives, including replacement of legacy core systems, deployment by region and by line of business, greenfield deployments, and new company setup.

Agile project execution: We organize our implementation projects into month-long "sprints" to maintain urgency and accountability.

Partner ecosystem: We work with an ecosystem of consulting partners that provide services such as business strategy, implementation, and related delivery services on a global and regional basis.

Comprehensive support: Lyons Hathaway technical support staff are accessible via phone and email to troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly.